4 signs your asphalt driveway needs immediate repairs

Your asphalt driveway is not just for improving the kerb appeal of your property. It is a vital feature of any property, whether residential or commercial. If its surface is uneven or riddled with potholes and cracks, you risk damaging your vehicle. Plus, it is unsightly to passersby. So, the minute you notice signs of damage, you need to have it repaired as soon as possible. For that, you will need the help of asphalt repair experts, like the ones at, to fix the problem before it gets any worse.


Here are some signs that your asphalt driveway already needs immediate repairs.




Driveways made from asphalt or concrete are durable, but they are not meant to last forever. As they age, they will show visible signs of wear, such as cracks. When caught early, these cracks can still be easily filled or sealed by a paving contractor. Choosing to delay the repairs of these tiny cracks will only cause the rift to continue growing until they look like alligator skin or spider webs. When this happens, you will need to have the whole asphalt surface replaced.




The weight and pressure exerted on your driveway every day can cause the asphalt on the pavement surface to warp. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may only need a simple touch up or a complete replacement of your asphalt pavement. Professional asphalt repair experts, like the ones at Blacktop Asphalt Repairs, can help you fix your driveway before the problem becomes bigger.




Potholes on your driveway are not only an eyesore. They are also a safety risk. Aside from causing pain to the drivers, they can also damage your car. Several factors affect the development of potholes. For example, water can freeze and expand when it penetrates through the cracks and settle underneath the pavement surface in winter. When the ice melts during warmer weathers, it may result in a void. This causes soil and paving material to break down, creating potholes.


Water pooling


Water settling on your driveway after it rains does not necessarily mean that your pavement needs to be resurfaced–at least not right away. However, standing water is one of the leading causes of asphalt damage. Water pooling normally occurs when the pavement surface of your driveway is uneven, or you have poor drainage. You need a way to divert the water off the pavement surface, so you need to have your drainage checked as soon as you notice any standing water on your driveway.


Concluding thoughts


If you detect any of these signs of damage on your driveway, don’t hesitate to seek the help of an experienced asphalt paving contractor. Blacktop Asphalt Repairs has more than 22 years of experience in the asphalt and construction industry. So, you can rest assured that your driveway is in on good hands when you entrust its repairs to them. You can find more details about their services and how to contact them on their website at

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