Breathe life to your yard with these pointers

Home renovations should not only focus on the inside. Your garden and outdoor spaces also deserve the same attention. Adding some interest to your garden through smart landscaping is a great way to boost your kerb appeal. Hiring landscape experts from is a great way for you to have a beautiful yard.


It’s okay to be a bit sceptical when it comes to hiring landscape experts. You may have heard from your neighbours how pricey it is for professionals to landscape your lawn. However, did you know there are tips on how you can landscape on a budget?


Try to go DIY first


You can save money if you try to do it yourself first. You can try mowing, seeding, fertilising, planting flowers, and even hardscaping if you have any idea how to do it. You can also try do-it-yourself treatments during summer and fall. You can also wear aerating shoes while mowing. These shoes have spikes on the bottom and aim to aerate the lawn as you walk around while doing yardwork.


With a bit of effort and your creativity, you can have that professional-looking yard at a fraction of a cost.


  1. Add a flower bed border —This is considered as the most cost-effective and easy landscaping idea of all time. Just add a stone edge and mulch to revamp your flowerbed in a breeze.
  1. Install a water feature—Even if your property doesn’t have a pond or stream, you can install a water feature such as a DIY fountain waterfall. It doesn’t cost a tonne of money and is a perfect way to add a focal point to your yard. You can find a lot of tutorials online on the basic things you can use to have your very own water fountain.
  1. Create a walkway—High traffic areas would look best by adding a path between the backdoor and your garage. You can use salvaged wood beams and concrete to have a simple, yet equally appealing, walkway. You can also use reclaimed pallet wood to add character to your yard.
  1. Plant lots of evergreens—Use plants that provide your yard with a bit of green colour all year round. You will often see such boxwood plants in elegant and formal landscapes. You can find a lot of varieties and cultivars of these shrubs. This allows you to have a formal hedge, a border, or a focal points in your yard.
  1. Build a retaining wall—If you live in a slope, it is best to have a retaining wall. While this may not be an easy job for amateur DIYers, you can always rely on experts to help you out. Simply check out Pave World to find the right materials for your retaining wall or garden edging. You can now create a visual point of interest while preventing soil erosion at the same time.


Hire only the best


If you feel overwhelmed when trying to do everything on your own, that’s okay. You can always hire experts in landscape design, like those on They know exactly what type of landscape design is best for your location and slope of the land. If you plan to add a patio, they study the sun and wind patterns to position your patio where you won’t get lots of afternoon sun. This makes outdoor entertainment relaxing all until dinnertime.

Jessica Bailey
Jessica Bailey
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