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All you need to know about different types of doors

Have you ever seen a door and wondered about the various parts that are used to create it? A door is usually picturized as a plain block of plywood most of the times. But there are various parts and elements to a door. In fact, there are various types of doors that are used for different purposes. Not all kinds of doors are similar to one another and can be used everywhere. According to the latest news, with the advent of globalisation, there has been a sufficient rise in the airplane and helicopter market such that it has given rise to the production and manufacture of hangar doors in contemporary times. Different types of materials are used for the production of different doors such as rapid doors. Some of these are explained below:

  • Loading Dock Doors: These doors are specifically made for carrying heavy weight items onto them. Found mostly near dock areas or in huge public self storage facilities, they are made to withstand large weights in order to suit the needs of the place they are installed in. They are often made with steel or alloys of iron. Sometimes even plywood is used.
  • Vertical Lift Fabric Doors: These are manufactured to withstand high wind forces and are usually found in areas where there is an abundance of windmills or have rapid airwaves moving through the place. These withstand the wind shocks and prevent them from entering the rooms and keep the insides safe.
  • Mesh Doors: Mesh Doors or grills are very popular in places where you have animals like in the zoo or habitat centres. It is also often found near swimming pools. If you are trying to avoid glass doors and yet want to keep children and pets safe from the surroundings, then mesh doors are the perfect alternatives for you.
  • Rapid doors: As the name suggests, rapid doors are used in industrial buildings and are swift in nature to roll upwards and let people pass. These doors are mostly used in industries because they are made of steel and its alloy as well as quick in averting heat, shocks and other factors to keep the rooms and its products safe from the outside.
  • Plastic Doors: These are made with a substance which resembles thick plastic or plastic themselves. Most of the times, they are used in laboratories or hospitals or in places which have low temperature. In printing studios or computer studios you would find doors made of such elements. This is to keep the low temperature within the room as it is and not to let the heat from outside enter it.
  • Double storey Doors: These doors are usually fitted in garages where you might need a double storey protection for your cars. These are horizontal in shape and need a lot of space to be built around. But these provide all around protection to your cars – big or small – from dust, weather, climate, rains, shocks, heat and the like.

Thus, these are some of the different types of doors and their uses in contemporary life. If you would like to gather some more information on these types of doors, then you can log on to various websites and blogs like