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The Importance of Having Quiet Spaces in Your Homes

Going to a cluttered home after a long day at work is detrimental to anyone’s health. Homes are places of retreat, not a dumping place. A home could be as restless as a congested traffic. Sustainability, function, and aesthetic—these are the usual home requirements a first home buyer in Australia discusses with a builder Perth has these days. However, they are forgetting something—the house’s design also impacts a person’s well-being.

Physiological and Psychological Effects of Silence

For your body

Silence is good for everyone. Even though you’re not stimulated by quiet times, an hour of silence every now and then will keep you more energized and equipped to complete your tasks. This may not be new, but it’s important to repeatedly stress out the negative effects of loud environments on a person’s well-being. One study found out that people who live in consistently noisy areas experience chronically elevated levels of stress hormones. This backs up the claim that any sound louder than 30 decibels is associated with stressors that worsen high-blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. This goes without saying, but the simple solution is giving the sufferers an hour or two of quiet time.

For your mind

The benefits of quiet times and solitude to psychological well-being are tremendous. Silence, as one study found out, motivates people to participate group discussions contrary to the popular belief that no one will ever crack up.

Moreover, silence also boosts productivity and effectiveness through its attribute, listening. When you’re silent, you also listen to people’s opinions and ideas, allowing them to be more open and comfortable in your presence. If there is a free-flowing discussion between people, more knowledge and opportunities can be passed around which is beneficial to everyone involved.

For example, a real estate agent or a builder Perth has these days who listens more than she speaks can do business better. Why? It’s because if clients can openly divulge their home requirements to an attentive agent, the latter can also easily figure out how to provide their needs.

Creating Quiet Zones in Homes

The dire need for quiet spaces is mainly due to technological stress that people suffer from nowadays. A toxic social media newsfeed could disrupt a person’s peace of mind just by spewing negative and nonsense content. Residents want to avoid digital distraction as much as possible to reduce additional stress. A builder Perth has these days knows this so well based on the increasing demand for minimalist design homes by first time home buyers. Minimalism is often associated with quietness according to interior designers, by the way.

How do you incorporate quietness in a home? There are many recurrent trends that the builders Perth WA has today offer, and escapism is one of them. A home builder Perth WA has these days can build nooks, corners, and cocoons for that quiet time you’re aching to have. Smart home builders Perth WA has these days know residents need designing with intention. See more at redink homes

A quiet space in your home could be:

  • A little library nook away from the noise of the appliances
  • A porch with a view of your garden
  • A Zen Garden (Tip: If you’re planning to buy an apartment, you can place a sandpit on your balcony.)
  • Rooms with comfortable furniture and natural lighting
  • Your own bathroom (Tip: You can light scented candles, play music, and bring a notebook in case an idea pops up.)
  • Your basement (Tip: You can put ask your home builder to incorporate natural lighting in your basement.)

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