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Transform an outdated bathroom into a fabulous one with these pointers!

Homebuyers almost always purchase a home that unfortunately has an outdated toilet just to get a huge discount on the initial cost. But tonnes of house owners in Melbourne also dream of getting their ideal bathrooms, like those found on Pinterest or in magazines. Good thing you’ll find ideas for bathroom renovations Melbourne experts recommend that is cost-effective and practical.

Even if you’ve got no plans of selling your home any time soon, having a newly transformed bathroom will definitely wow your guests. With these superb makeover ideas and strategic styling from bathroom renovations Melbourne professionals, you’ll complete your renovation with ease:

Free up floor space

To further give your guests an illusion of space, use a pedestal sink or a floating sink. These sorts of sinks are perfect for little spaces. They also allow you to save lots of on space while looking incredibly chic.

And, do not forget your vanity! If you want your bathroom to be visually bigger and release the space for smaller items, floating your vanity is a great idea. Floating shelves also are ideal as they are perfect for organising your bathroom and other necessities without being bulky.

Ventilate your bathroom

If you want your bathroom to last for years, don’t neglect proper ventilation. Without proper ventilation, bacteria, mould, and mildew will have a build-up and may damage your bathroom structure.  It can also pose health concerns to you and your family. On top of that, your expensive upgrades could also be deemed a waste of your time and resources because mould and mildew can wreak havoc to your surface. It’s a good idea to buy a fan for ventilation. Just pick the one with a timer.

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Install a skylight

If your bathroom has roof access, did you know you can make it look bigger and more open if you add a skylight? Enjoy the advantages of natural sunlight on your skin as you bathe. Start your day and boost your overall mood with natural sunlight. Brighten up your bathroom during the day and save on energy bills. You can find more ideas on quality bathroom renovations online.

Think about safety

Another easy and cost-effective way of preventing accidents within the bathroom is using a non-skid mat and rug. Add a non-skid rug on the ground right outside the shower door. But if you’ve got more budget to spare, you’ll have the whole flooring replaced with non-skid tiles.

Installing rails and grab bars is also the simplest ways to keep your bathroom safe. A dedicated bathroom renovations Melbourne team recommend that you add these safety features within the bathtub, shower to make bathing safer. It is easy to install the rails and grab bars yourself. However, if you are not that handy with tools, you’ll always hire an expert to complete the installation for you.

To sum it up, choose trusted bathroom renovators like MW Homes when doing any renovations. From conceptualisation to putting together and installation, they’re fully hands-on in every project they handle. Lay down everything you desire in your bathroom with their friendly and experienced team.

They have experienced bathroom renovators that can deliver high-quality results. Check out various reviews and 5-star ratings of their previous customers. If you are looking for bathroom renovations Kew experts, visit https://www.mwhomes.com.au/ for more information.

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